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Custom ASP.NET DataSource parameters

February 2010

ASP.NET WebForms' DataSource controls lets you parameterize your query and have those parameters automatically fetched from one of a few standard sources. Like from the querystring, a form parameter, a cookie etc.

This article shows you how to create your own custom parameters from other sources.


What is the fascination with Twitter?

August 2009

Ok, I know this isn't exactly breaking news. Twitter has been out there for a couple of years, but still many people don't know what Twitter is.

I think Twitter with its simplicity has several interresting aspects, and they are different for all of us.


How to use Windows Azure table storage

August 2009

Most articles and samples on using Azure table storage assume that it will be used from an Azure web or worker role.

I wanted to see if the Windows Azure Table Store could be used with applications running elsewhere, like on your computer.


Mythbusters: Unit-testing

July 2009

I found a question titled: Why is code quality not popular? on Stackoverflow yesterday. Several people had listed reasons for not doing unit testing.

There were a lot of misconceptions there. Here are the main reasons mentioned against unit testing (the myths) with my responses.


The trouble with delimited

June 2009

In a previous article articles about parsing files, I took a very simplistic approach to reading a delimited file. I used string.Split, which doesn't handle the use of quotes and usage of the delimiter character inside quotes.

Well, it turns out theres more to reading a delimited file than splitting at the delimiter...


More parsing textfiles with LINQ

March 2009

In a previous article, I described how to use LINQ when parsing a textfile.

Following that train of thoughts further, I found a more elegant way of splitting the lines from the file into columns.