I just updated my web app template

My Framework neutral template for building apps with Webpack and Babel was just updated a few days ago.


  • Builds clientside web applications with webpack and babel.
  • Includes a cachebreaker hash to the output files.
  • Treeshaking with webpack.
  • Splits libraries from application code to improve build times.
  • Automatic splitting of webpacked files to improve load times at runtime.
  • Also builds seperate css, fonts and other files. (Either from seperate entry points for css, or from require statements in JavaScript code.)
  • A webserver with hot reload when developing your app.

The template is created to make it easy to get started to use Webpack and Babel for creating client side web applications, utilising the newest version of JavaScript-. It is Framework neutral in that it doesn’t force a particular framework on you.

(Note: I have actually included the font-awesome and bootstrap packages to the project, but they are not in use. They are to demonstrate that such assets will also be included in the build. If you don’t want them there, just npm uninstall -D  them.)

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